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 Rules for Blackout Rag List

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PostSubject: Rules for Blackout Rag List   Wed May 02, 2012 6:44 pm

Quote :
1. If you would like us to rag someone for you, please but a description of why we should and proof. P.S. this is only for members that have been accepted.
2. If you want you some one to be ragged, please identify the players name and have a screenshot of this players name when you are attacked by him.
3. This some what goes with Rule 2... but, tell us why we should rag him and have a screenshot of the person flaming you or ragging you when you are hybriding are in rag.
4. If you want us to rag a person for them ddosing you. Please have a video of you getting ddosed and the conversation you had with him.And please make sure it is the person, i know that this is really hard but try your bestSmile.

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Rules for Blackout Rag List
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